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Bar & Table

BAR&TABLE is located on the first floor of Kaisu, with a large communal table, where people drink, eat and meet. Carefully picked from local farmer's market, freshest vegetable and fruits are neatly prepared.  We choose the finest roasters around and brew speciality coffees to rich espresso all day.
Cocktails are served in the evening. Really good ones. Our cocktails are handcrafted piece of drinks. 
Just as Japanese craftsmen, we put the craftsmanship into a glass of cocktail. It's a favorite hangout place for both locals and travelers.

Service Hour
Everyday: 10 am - 23 pm (22:30 LO)

Food Menu
Chicken Rice ¥980
Chili Con Carne Burrito ¥980
Buffalo Wing 4pieces ¥700, 6pieces ¥1,000


Drink Menu

Kirin Heartland¥600
Baird Beer Numazu Lager ¥800 -
Cocktail ¥800 -